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It's posting time! I'm gonna be lenient and just ask that you get it in this week (I know, I know, this is like when you pulled an all-nighter to get your paper done and then the teacher extended the deadline, but STILL) - so just post it anytime before May 7th. That's a little extra time for editing, beta'ing, or even just cranking out the rest of the story.

The collection is here on AO3 for posting! You can also feel free to cross-post a link here, and I'll approve it when I'm not at work!

ANYWAY! Who's excited for fic to read!?!

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Check-In Time!!

Hey everyone, check-in time! Let me know if you're still on track/planning to finish, and how everything's going, and all of that!

How's everyone doing?


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Hey everyone!

Just a reminder, this check-in is completely optional! It's a chance for you to let me and your fellow participants know how everything is going, whether you have any changes in regards to your sign-up, and give you a chance to post a snippet of your story, if you like!

Please also feel free to use it to brainstorm, poll the crowd on random things (is it names? I always gotta poll the room on names), and just generally drop by, say hi, and let us know how the words thing is happening =)

Obviously everyone has different schedules, so if you want to participate, don't forget to check back in later to reply to other people and what-not!

Basically: use this space however works best for you!

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Sign-Up Post

Sign-ups will be open from January 24th to February 7th!

Schedule is here + info about it is here.

Remember, the first two check-ins are optional, but the final check-in (April 18th) is required! And don't worry, nothing here is written in stone - if you do end up changing fandom or gaining or losing a co-author or any other changes, just mention it at any of the check-ins, or even surprise me at the end, haha

Now, let's have some fun and finally write those fics! =)

AO3 Name (& co-author's if applicable):
WIP (& current word count) or New Fic?:
(optional) Estimated Final Word Count:
(optional) One Sentence About the Story:

(For easy c&ping:)
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Discussion Post

If anyone wants to chat about what they might be writing, this is the place to do it!

(I know some of you don't like to talk about fic stuff before writing it, but I thought I'd open a discussion post just in case, haha)

Sign-ups will open in just a little over two weeks! In the meantime, I'll just be here...waiting...

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General Info

The point of this Big Bang is to finally write and/or finish that longer fic that you just haven't gotten around to yet! (Or, if you have a new idea, jump in with that, too!)

With that in mind, it's completely open to any fandom (including RPF).

The only requirements are that
       a) you write at least 10,000 new words, and
       b) you finish the story.

So if you have a story you've already written 15,000 words for, you have to write at least ten thousand more words for it. And if the story isn't done at 25,000 words, you still have to write until you finish.

Which brings me to the last point: if your story is going to be longer than 10k, consider double-checking the schedule and making sure there's enough time for you to write it!

If you have any questions, please ask them!
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2k16 Schedule

Since this is any fandom, and therefore writers only (at least this year?), it's a fairly simple schedule!

January 24th - February 7th: Sign-ups

February 8th - Start Writing! (for the record, I'm A-okay with you starting your 10k as soon as you've signed up)

February 29th - (optional) First Check-in (possible brainstorming/discussion; chance to post a snippet)

March 20th - (optional) Mid-Point Check-in (recommended at least 4,000 words)

April 18th - (Required) Final Check-in (recommended at least 8,000 words)

May 1st - Stories should be posted in the AO3 group by 11:59:59 PST (instructions will be posted closer to that date)